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LD15 Senate candidate Brian Joseph Lesinski:

I agree with the First Principle of Liberty that “The only reliable basis for sound government and just human relations is Natural Law.” I am a pro-life candidate that is convinced that life begins at conception. It is hard to believe that seven U.S. Supreme court justices were able to make law from the bench that clearly violated our God-given rights. I don’t think pro-life beliefs are limited to just the unborn child but also our attitude towards the death penalty; all life is worth saving.

I do not think that abortion has a place in Arizona and will always endorse alternatives that protect the life of the child. I understand that society will want exceptions and try to keep the practices of abortion available, but we need to afford each child the protection of their natural rights at all cost. We need to support any effort that finds a way to preserve life. Abortion has been tolerated in the U.S. since the early 1970’s, although I loathe abortion, I do not hate any person that had an abortion; I do not know your story, and I will not cast any judgment. I practice the teachings of the Bible to “love thy neighbor as I love thyself.”

In the United States we do not have three equal departments of government and the court system was set up by the founding fathers to have the least amount of power, with the majority of power held in “We the People.” We need to remember that the Supreme Court only has options and U.S. Presidents in the past have refused to follow those options. The Supreme Court does not control the military and cannot force their option on “We the People.” They do not have under their control a police force to enforce their will on us. The Supreme Court only has authority over us as long as they have our respect and we have to force our elected official to stand up and represent us and help us right a wrong.

I understand that monster lives among us, and when these people commit acts of murder, it is natural for us to want to seek revenge and demand an eye for an eye. I don’t think its government’s role to carry out the punishment of death, and I genuinely believe that God has created life and only God should take it. When I was a public school teacher, I taught Forensic Science to high school students, so I understand that humans are capable of terrible things but still, I don’t have faith in man to be flawless in determining the taking of someone’s life. I am so opposed to the death penalty that I want the records to show that if I ever meet an untimely demised at the hands of another that the State cannot murder in my name. I have complete faith that God will take care of administering justice on his terms, not ours.