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LD15 Senate candidate Brian Joseph Lesinski:

I was asked where I stand on the right to own a gun. First, I am a pro 2nd amendment individual who will and has put myself at risk to protect the rights granted by God, and not man, to have the tools necessary to protect and preserve their individual rights. The 2nd amendment was not added to the U.S. Constitution, so we could hunt or for home defense but was added to provide “We the People” the tools needed to over through a tyrannical and overbearing government that no longer represents the people. After all, we created our current government, and we can change it if needed, but only if we have the means to carry out our duty as good stewards of the principles located in our founding documents. The government understands this, and that is why at every opportunity they try to take away the tools that can take away their power.

     Our founding citizens were able to overthrow their government that no longer worked for them because they had the tools equal to or better than the British military. So, if we are to look to the founders for guidance, then we do not need to restrict citizens from military-style tools but encourage policies that put more of these tools in the hands of capable individuals as possible. Most crimes that involved a gun usually are not carried out with a military-style weapon. Using the current Florida mass murder incident if Nicholas Crus used his shot gun, sold to him illegally by Dick’s Sporting Good, he would have murdered many more people then with the military-style weapon used.

      I am old enough to remember going to a public high school where we had students who would hunt before school and have their guns in their trucks mounted in the window parked in the school parking lot. What has happened in the last 20 years that has created these mass murders? Is it a lack of a nuclear family, Hollywood, video games, the proliferation of prescription drugs? I don’t know, but I don’t think for one minute it has anything to do with guns, bump stocks or high capacity magazines. If Government truly cared about the needless suffering of its citizens, they would address the real problem of these mass murder incidents that have nothing to do with guns but something else going on in our communities. Contact: